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┬áHi, I’m Christina. The women who has tried every diet and still failed at weight loss. before

When I first started my health & fitness journey two years ago the word “plank” was completely foreign to me. I had never heard of it, let alone attempted it. I thought exercise was a punishment for what I had ate. And I never even considered goals that were not SCALE related. I had always dreamed of being a fit and healthy person, I just didn’t know how to go about getting there.

Before I began this journey:

  • I constantly crash dieted
  • Was addicted to quick fixes

And I felt like I tried EVERYTHING!

Luckily I learned I had tried everything BUT the right way. Propper diet + exercise + accountability.

That’s what I am offering you.

  1. Workouts – Designed for your goals, ability and time comittments.
  2. Nutrition – Daily dense nutrition, meal plan and recipes.
  3. Accountability – Support, motivation and your own little private group.

Rethink everything you know about diet and exercise and learn how daily dense nutrition creates weight loss as a side effect. How exercise can be a celebration of what your body can do and not a punishment for what you ate. Learn how accountability and support can get you to your goals.

  • Workouts that challenge and reshape your body
  • Daily nutrition your body craves
  • All athletic abilities, all body sizes welcome

Let me know where you are starting from and how I can help by filling out the form below.

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