Starvation Diet

Starvation Diet

What it is

This diet is based on calories in vs. calories out. Eat fewer calories than you burn. Sounds simple in theory.

After giving birth to my second child I wanted something that would allow me to lose weight without having to work out. I simply did not have the time. I had only dieted a few times in the past so I went back to a healthy balances diet of 45% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 20% fat. I logged all my calories, returned to my pre baby weight  of 135lbs. and plateaued. I was breastfeeding at the time and was told that breastfeeding burns 400 calories a day (via the internet) so I figured if I stuck with my previous diet with the 1,250 calories per day, I would lose the baby weight and some bonus lbs with the 400 calories I was burning from breastfeeding. Sounds like a simple math problem, right? Wrong, I returned to my pre-baby weight and stayed there. Which led to frustration. Once I was done breastfeeding, I slowly started limiting my calories to approximately 400/day. It wasn’t exactly starving myself, but close enough.

What I ate

Breakfast (8:00am): Nothing.

Snack (10:00am): Handful of cereal.

Lunch (12:00pm) : Scraps of whatever my kids did not eat.

Snack (3:00pm): Gold fish crackers.

Dinner (6:00pm): Small portion of whatever I made for dinner that evening.

Late night snack (8:00pm): Popcorn. Glass of wine.

* I was not worried about where my calories were coming from just how many were going into my body. I used MyFitnessPal to track calories.

My Workout


My Results

I lost a total of 1lbs on this diet in 4 weeks.

My Review

Although this was not a complete starvation diet I still ate less than I burned every day. I would not recommend this diet to anyone! It began to cause an unhealthy relationship with food. As I began to view food as an enemy that would make me fat. I also felt very tired and cranky. After putting the kids down for bed at night, I very much looked forward to my glass of red wine at night that I began to see as a reward for my restrain all day. My metabolism shut down and it took a quite a bit of work to get it back up and running again. Overall, this diet was ineffective for weigh loss.