Juice Detox or Juice Cleanse

Juice Detox or Juice Cleanse

What it is

A juice detox is a liquid diet that prohibits eating any solid food for a specified period of time. Participants can choose the duration of their juice fast depending on their health goals. I did this diet at the end of January 2014 along with my husband who introduced this concept to me. At the time, I had never heard of a juice detox before but was intrigued by the story I was told about my husband’s coworker who did a 10 day detox and lost 32 lbs. After hearing this, I was sold the idea relatively easily. At that time, I was following a vegan diet and eating healthy. Although I loved my vegan diet, I was tantalized by the idea of shedding weight so quickly and the thought of hitting my goal weight in less than two weeks had me sold! After getting over the sticker shock of the Breville juicer we purchased, we printed a copy of what we would be eating for the next 10 days. We chose to do Reboot With Joe and with Joe’s 10 day Reboot we ate, or I should say drank, the following:

reboot with joe 10-15 reboot with joe 6-10

My Workout

I was already not working out and continued not to do so.

My Results

My starting weight was 130lbs and by the end of day 10 I weighed 122lbs. My goal weight or my personal ideal weight is 118lbs. Although I did not hit my goal weight, I was thrilled! I expected to drop 2-3 pounds of water weight but was shocked at how fast the scale moved. Almost a pound for everyday.

My Review

They don’t call it a detox for nothing! Besides shedding water weight, my body also flushed out any lingering waste. Some people have said they experienced “hangover” like feelings at day 2 or 3. I was not a stranger to that. I felt a hangover like feeling on the morning of day 2 but thankfully it was short-lived and subsided by that afternoon. Like most diets, I have a hard time sticking to it over the weekends which are filled with temptations. Because of this reason, we chose to start our detox on a Saturday morning so we were together to support and encourage each other for the 1st few days. I found most of the juice recipes to be disgusting. But get it in and get it down. It’s worth it. I did calculate nutritional facts for some of the days with a 99% carbohydrate with 1% protein daily. Depending on the quantity and size of the fruit and vegetables you are using, most meals were approximately 200 calories.

*It’s important to note that we did not follow the diet as specified. Instead of eating solid food once or twice a day for the 1st week, we chose to dive right into just liquid juices. So we purchased the 15 day and skipped straight to day 6 to start.

As far as cost is concerned, this was a very expensive diet. We spent approximately $350/week on fresh produce. This does not include other essential household items. We also opted for whatever produce that was readily available, meaning we did not pay the extra cash for organic at all times. Instead we tried saving money by shopping at bulk stores like Sam’s Club, which does not cater to an organic clientele. Besides money, we also dedicated a lot of time shopping for produce, often 2-3 times a week, as well as spent a considerable amount of time cleaning and preparing food for the juicer.