Shift Shop Round #1 Results

Boom I did it! I successfully completed round numero uno of Shift Shop. I say “successfully” because for the first time in over a year, I followed the meal plan that correlates with the fitness program. In the past, I was following my own meal plan. I experimented with intermittent fasting again, then went off and back on the fast metabolism diet. All of that only got me more fit, but I wasn’t seeing the fat loss that I actually wanted.

If you want to have different results, you gotta do things differently!!! So that’s what I did this time around. I followed the meal plan which included the PCS and ate accordingly. I planned what I was eating a week in advance and meal prepped everything like a boss. That’s why you are looking at such great results in only 3 weeks. It normally takes 6 weeks for you to see a change and 12 weeks for others to see any physical changes in you.

It also helped having a awesome group of ladies to check in with every day and hold me accountable. 🤗 Thanks girls.

Round #2 I’m coming for you! If you want to do it with me fill out the form below for more details.

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