Halfway update!

So, I’m halfway through my lattest 21 Day Challenge using Shift Shop and wanted to share with you my progress so far…

I’m down 2lbs on day 10/21! All my bloating is gone! Along with all of my husband’s bloating. Yup, I dragged him along for the shift journey. He hasn’t been participating in all the workouts because his schedule is crazy. But, he has been doing great using the PCS.


I think keeping to this grain free meal plan is SO crucial to see success. Like I mentioned in my previous post,

the Shift Shop workouts start out slow with only 25 minute workouts during week one and adding 10 minutes to each workout during weeks two and three. Not only do the workouts intensify, the meal plan is also constantly shifting each week.

25 minutes is definitely doable but I have come to find the moves are challenging. Not sure if it is do to taking a few weeks off from my fitness or simply being challenged in a new way. And, as soon as my body adapted to the workouts towards the end of week one, the workouts were turned up a notch.

Now I say the meal plan is key, because even if you are following a whole foods diet, it’s still easy to overeat on healthy food. I have been so focused on using and following the PCS (portion control system) this challenge and think that’s really the only reason I’ve seen weight loss results so early on. Keep in mind, normally I see a 2lb weight loss after fully completing a 21 day challenge.

I’m super stoked to be completing this challenge and know I’m not going to reach my goal after only 21 days and will need to complete the program twice through.

If you’d like to join my next Shift Shop group, I’ll be starting all over again 8/28

Have more questions? Email me directly Christina@everydietdone.com

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