Shift Shop Release Party!

You are invited!

Mark your calendar for the release date of Beachbody’s newest super trainer, Chris Downing and latest workout program, Shift Shop. This program has been giving everyone in the test group crazy good results and I can’t wait to complete the program with you!

What it is?

A 3 week workout program that uses minimal equipment and designed to ramp up your fitness. What’s different about this program that makes it unique is the shift in focus, difficultly, time and meal plan. Each week the workouts get a little harder, longer and the meal plan changes along with it. Cool concept huh? I thought it was pretty genius too. Then, when the transformation photos started to roll in, I was sold.

How long do the workouts last?

Week 1 = 25 minutes 6 days a week

Week 2 = 35 minutes 6 days a week

Week 3 = 45 minutes 6 days a week

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking to mix up their fitness routine and challenge themselves. That doesn’t mean beginners aren’t welcome. There is a modifier you can follow along with if things get too intense.

With Your Enrollment You’ll Get:

– Access to the Shift Shop workout program + streaming of 300+ workouts and workout programs.
– A customizable meal guide that you can follow as flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, pescatarian, gluten/soy/dairy free
– Guidance on how to customize your meal plan for your dietary preferences
– My ongoing coaching
– A month’s supply of superfood shakeology

The Shift Starts July 31st


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**Please note there is an investment fee for your program and supplies. My ongoing coaching is free for any of my clients.